DoorCam™ 3

World’s First Wireless Over-The-Door Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera


Introducing DoorCam™ 3: THE NEXT GENERATION OF THE REVOLUTIONARY OVER-THE-DOOR SMART SECURITY CAMERA Finally, the all new and improved DoorCam™ 3 including even more features than our original DoorCam™ is here!

DoorCam™ 3

Now Available All New Features

DoorCam™ 3 applies AI with Facial Detection to record video only when people are present, greatly improving battery life. It has a more compact and simple design than the DoorCam™ 2 model. The reduced body height facilitates installation even on decorative doors.

  • 1080p (Full HD) Resolution
  • Free-3-Day Rolling Cloud
  • Battery Power
  • Superior Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Enhanced Night Vision
  • Hangs over push-to-enter door or pull-to-enter door


DoorCam™ 3
User Friendly Connectivity Options

Depending on your home’s layout, the all new DoorCam™ 3 gives users the ability to connect via 3 D batteries or USB Power Supply (DC 5V 1A). Decide on what option is best for your home and immediately start enjoying the benefits of your security door camera.

DoorCam™ 2
AI Face Capability

The all new DoorCam™ 3 is more efficient with the addition of AI. Reduce false notifications and save battery life as recordings will only be of actual human faces.

No Need to Rearrange Door Decor

The all new DoorCam™ 3 has a smaller body. This makes it easier t install even on doors with curtains and decorations.


Tech Specifications

Viewing Angle

150° Diagonal

Video Compression



1.2 lb. without batteries

Weather Resistance

0°F – 140°F, IPX5


Body 8.39 x 3.18 x 1.65 in.
Camera 5.9 × 2.17 × 2.15 in.


1920 x 1080 [Full HD]

iPhone Version

iOS 13 or above


Version 8 or above



DoorCam™ 3 Easily Adjusts to Fit Your Door DoorCam™ 3 supports both push-to-enter and pull-to-enter doors.
DoorCam™ 3
DoorCam™ 3

Meet DoorCam™ 3 in video


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