DoorCam™ 2

World’s First Wireless Over-The-Door Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera


Introducing DoorCam™ 2: THE NEXT GENERATION OF THE REVOLUTIONARY OVER-THE-DOOR SMART SECURITY CAMERA Finally, the all new and improved DoorCam™ 2 including even more features than our original DoorCam™ is here!

DoorCam™ 2

Monitor almost any doorway with the all new wireless, over-the-door smart Full HD camera with 2 built-in motion sensors, 2-way talk, and enhanced night vision. DoorCam™ 2 can be mounted in seconds and lasts up to 4 months before batteries have to be replaced.

  • 1080p (Full HD) Resolution
  • Free-3-Day Rolling Cloud
  • Battery Power
  • Superior Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Enhanced Night Vision
  • Hangs over push-to-enter door or pull-to-enter door

Limited Warranty applies only if you are a consumer and purchased your product in the United States or Canada.


DoorCam™ 3
Stronger Signal Strength for Greater Connectivity

The Wi-Fi antenna resides inside the user’s home to provide a better Wi-Fi signal and prevents poor signal due to thick building materials

DoorCam™ 2
Options for your Door like Never Before

DoorCam™ 2 can be self-installed within seconds on almost any door. With no drilling necessary, DoorCam simply hangs over the door without damaging property. (compatible with doors that are 1-3/8” to 2” thick and works best with Push-to-enter, pull-to-enter doors, and swing doors.)

Battery Power

DoorCam™ 2 operates on 3 D batteries which can last up to 4 months


Tech Specifications

Viewing Angle

160° Diagonal

Video Compression



1.2 lb. without batteries

Weather Resistance

0°F – 140°F, IPX4


Body 5.2 x 1.7 X 5.3 in. Camera 6.4 x 2.6 X 2.5 in.


1920 x 1080 [Full HD]

iPhone Version

iOS 11 or above


Version 5 or above



DoorCam™ 2 supports both push-to-enter and pull-to-enter doors.
DoorCam™ 2
DoorCam™ 2

Meet DoorCam™ 2 in video


DoorCam™ 2 - Save your labor with breeze installation

DoorCam™ 2 - Just Hang Over the Door

DoorCam™ 2 - The next generation of the revolutionary over-the-door smart security camera